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“And you never commit errors?” — “Often. But instead of conceiving only one, I imagine many, so I become the slave of none.”

Umberto Eco

Selected articles and project materials can be downloaded in one file along with the curriculum vitae and letters of introduction.

2019 • L-Finance
Hospita­lity • Omsk

Developed a parametric financial model for an investment project of construction and operation of a restaurant and a hotel.

Template of Financial Model for Restaurant and Hotel (ru) MS Excel ★

2009, 2019 • Adamas Group
Jewel­lery pro­duction and re­tail • Moscow

Consultations on financial and economic management, on automation of accounting and budgeting, elaboration of methodological materials, etc. (By the terms of the contract, the details of the project should not be divulged.)

2019 • Nasha Zhitnitsa
Agri­cul­ture • Smolensk Region

Described the methodological and technological requirements for the automated system of managerial accounting and operational planning. Organised the competitive procedure among development companies. Hired a new CFO.

Managerial Accounting Registers (ru) PDF ★

Test for Candidates for Financial and Economic Vacancies (ru) PDF ★

2018 • Sib­electro
Ma­chi­nery • Kemerovo Region

As a representative of the shareholders, supervised financial and economic activities. Conducted a general assessment of the financial state and the capital, of liquidity and turnover of components of the working capital. Recruited new CFO and chief accountant. As a methodologist, a problem originator, and project manager, led development and implementation of an automated treasury management system. Initiated a project of complex automation of production planning and accounting.

Automated Treasury Management System (ru) PDF ★

2018 • ASR-Uglesbyt
Coal whole­sale • Kemerovo Region

Assessed and normalised the working capital, identified reserves to optimise the credit load. Supervised development of automated analytical reports. Developed tools to calculate the effective interest rate to evaluate leasing companies' offers. Organised activities for improving qualification of employees. Elaborated recommendations for automation of planning and accounting of trade and logistics activities.

2018 • Karotex, Turris
Develop­ment, hospita­lity • St. Peters­burg

Conducted diagnostics of the financial and economic management system. Elaborated recommendations for changes in the methodology of management accounting and planning, for further automation, for human resource management, and for general organisational issues.

2014, 2017 • Medlife
Medical services • Perm

Managed financial and economic services of the group of companies. Optimised the control of execution of tasks. Closed several key vacancies, including the position of permanent CFO. In the course of fundraising, secured successful pass of the due diligence and the audit. Solved a number of methodological and automation problems, initiated transition to the latest version of 1C, an accounting system. Participated in elaboration of strategic investment projects.

Methodology of Deconsolidation of Managerial Reporting (ru) PDF ★

2015 — 2016 • Gold Heritage, Nordica
Jewel­lery produc­tion and whole­sale • Moscow — Kostroma

Elaborated an automated, based on the 1C 8.3 platform, system for managerial accounting and reporting, including: a database for primary managerial accounting; a database for consolidation of transactions of managerial and fiscal accounting; tools for transformation of fiscal accounting transactions into the managerial chart of accounts; analytical catalogues, uniform for managerial and fiscal accounting; tools for consolidation of catalogues of counteragents from different databases; a thorough set of analytical reports; data exchange tools.

System for Managerial Reporting Consolidation (ru) PDF ★

2013 — 2014 • Retail Profile Russia
Lease and sub­lease of retail spaces • Moscow

Elaborated and applied an automated system of managerial reporting. The system includes tools for transformation of bookkeeping transactions into synthetic and analytic registers of managerial accounting, as well as a set of flexible managerial reports based on pivot tables. Elaborated templates for long-term forecasting and supervised preparation of the annual budget.

Managerial Reporting System (ru) PDF

2013 • Slava
An advertis­ing agency • Moscow

Elaborated and applied an automated budgeting system: managerial accounting and forecasting project activities; analytical reporting on profits and losses, cash flow, and settlements; automated two-level register of contracts and appendices.

Budgeting System for Service Providers (ru) PDF ★

2012 — 2013 • Prime Group
Construc­tion and develop­ment • St. Peters­burg — Moscow

Elaborated an automated system for financial and economical modelling activities of a group of construction companies. The model included instruments for budgeting, business-planning, and plan-fact analysis. Initiated a reconsideration of the expected financial results for incomplete objects. Elaborated a plan of organisational, technological, and HR measures for optimisation of financial units’ work.

2012 • Groupe Pro­nuptia
A daughter company of a French network of boutiques • Moscow

Recovered the control of the company in conditions of dissocial change of CEO. Conducted a revision of financial and economical state of the company, elaborated and conducted a set of invigorative measures. Organised atender competition among providers of outsourcing accounting services.

2010 — 2011 • OMZ Group
Heavy machinery, a Gazprom­bank’s asset • Moscow — St. Peters­burg

A short-term contract with Gazprombank. The project is connected with optimisation of economic and manufacturing activities of OMZ Group, an asset of the bank. (By the terms of the contract, the details of the project should not be divulged.)

2009 — 2010 • Bau­klotz, Rosen­thal Studio Haus
A super­market of German do-it-yourself goods, boutiques of ex­clusive ware • Moscow

Managed financial and economic services of the group of companies. Supervised accountancy, including a period of a field tax inspection. Executed refinancing bank loans and obtained a new credit. Designed business plans and economic models for current commercial activities and for opening new retail enterprises. Implemented an automated budgeting system. Elaborated and conducted a procedure of partial liquidation of the business.

2007 — 2010 • Dan Group
Road-building, ex­cava­tion, land­scape improve­ment • Samara

Managed financial and economic services of the group of companies. Designed and implemented methodology and requirements specification for automation of managerial accounting and budgeting. Created a business plan and documentation necessary for mobilising external investment. Applied a system for execution control for the following tasks: solutions at meetings, orders of directors, and mutual requests of divisions.

2009 • South­ward, Blue Sea
A fish-processing group • Krasno­dar — Kalnin­grad — Moscow

Conducted due diligence for production enterprises of the group of companies, audited production costs, liquidity, distribution of credit burden, etc. Elaborated recommendations for restructuring loan portfolio.

2008 • Mercury
A multi­sectoral group of companies • Karachay-Cherkessia

Organised leasing of more than fifty units of lorries and architectural engineering machinery. Designed a parametric business plan for new transportation enterprises within the group; established accounting and budgeting for them. Elaborated recommendations for optimisation of investments activities. Supervised filling vacancies in financial and economic divisions.

2006 — 2007 • Yug­ptitse­prom, Continent
An agri­cultural group • Krasno­dar — Moscow

From the ground up, created and headed the financial and economic division of the group. Obtained a credit for a new agricultural plant in Krasnodar Krai (on preferential conditions of the program of National Priority Projects). Designed and implemented an automated system for managerial accounting and budgeting.

Automated Cash Flow Budgeting System (ru) PDF

Cost of Multi-Stage Fractioning (ru) PDF ★

2005 — 2006 • LPG Manage­ment
A distribu­tor of liquefied petroleum gas • Moscow — St. Peters­burg

Managed financial and economic services of the headquarters. Automated preparation of consolidated budget and actual reports: cash flow, profits and losses, investments, etc.

2003 — 2005 • Glav­product Group
Pro­duction of canned goods • Moscow

Supervised production and procurement of the group of companies. Optimised raw stock and accounts payable: released funds equal to one-and-the-half-month turnover in purchasing prices. Applied basics of economic analysis and budgeting for production. Automated cash flow and procurement.

2002 — 2003 • Rusptitseproduct, Agros Group
An agri­cultural group • Moscow — Stavro­pol Krai

Managed financial and economic services of the headquarters. Supervised development and application of an automated system of managerial accounting and budgeting. Optimised stock of ready products and accounts receivable: released funds equal to three-month turnover in selling prices.

Control of Accounts Payable and Receivable (ru) PDF

2001 — 2002 • Service Plus
Super­market auto­mation • Moscow — Minsk — St. Peters­burg

On the part of the system integrator, supervised opening two of the earliest Metro Cash & Carry’s hypermarkets in Russia. Elaborated and conducted crisis-proof measures for Minsk and St. Petersburg branches of Service Plus.

2000 • Inform­contact
A system integra­tor • Moscow — Perm Region

Supervised automation of accounting in a mining division of Silvinit Inc. Established an effective method for formalisation of accounting documents circulation. Created an original method for visualisation of succession of closing reporting periods in bookkeeping.

Cycles Problem in Allocation of Costs (ru) PDF

1995 — 1999 • Dynamo Moscow Basket­ball Club, New Sport
Sports organi­sations of Norilsk Nickel • Moscow — Mur­mansk

Managed financial and economic services. Conducted crisis-proof measures in New Sport (1998). Supervised construction of sports complex in Murmansk Region.

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